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Your Frequent Five is Your Fastest Path to Success: The 5 Sets of Success

September 12, 20232 min read

You’re the average of who you hang out with. Who are your Frequent Five? Who you surround yourself with is often what predicts where you're at in your business and in your life. 

Your next level of where you want to be at next will depend on your next circles of influence.

Your Frequent Five are going to determine who you grow into and influence how quickly that takes shape. 

In this episode, I share how the people you surround yourself with can actually influence your sales in different ways and how you can quickly change your Frequent Five to uplevel. Who you spend your time with is where you’re headed next - it’s where your next level starts. 

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"Your success is 100% your mindset. The success of your mindset is 100% your people set.

It's your circle that influences your mindset that will lead to the sales and success that you want for yourself."

Tune in for:

01:10 — Who are your Frequent Five? Why your Frequent Five is critical to the next level of your success.

05:50 — How the people in your network directly influence your ability to generate sales

08:33 — Why your network can be even more powerful than strategy 

10:17 — Which of the 5 “Sets” of Success do you need to focus on?

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Elizabeth Yang

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