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Elizabeth Yang, the founder, envisioned a company that's #1 differentiator is with the human connection first wrapped around her passions across social media marketing, high ticket social selling, and technology.

Happy Sales start with the human connection to becoming the first choice for your ideal customers, nurturing and closing faster.

Get results faster with done-for-you services and expertise that saves you time. Organic lead generation for booked appointments, all-in-one software, online summit management, and course building is our core specialty.

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Organic Lead Generation & Appointment Booking

Learn how to position yourself with a curated social media strategy and generate leads for PREMIUM clients. We have designed this proprietary framework to help you get 10-30 more appointments a month AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

We'll generate the sales lead opportunities and book your calendar full for you so you and your team can focus solely on closing - all without any ad spend and only your client database.

Super All-In-One Software

The last software you'll ever need to manage your client database, create funnels and coordinate scheduling. This gives you control over team scheduling with a standardized, scalable process so you have one stop to get everyone working as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Amy Goober

Coach & Founder of Drive Your Life

Lead with the human connection to become the first choice. This is what captivates and attracts your ready-to-invest, premium customers with organic marketing, social selling, and charging more to create a premium brand.

Online Business Coaching & Mentoring

The fastest way to scale your business online is with a proven organic conversion strategy from A to Z with coaching, community, and accountability to support your success. Elizabeth Yang's 12-month online business mentoring accelerator is the perfect program for those that desire an intimate, hands-on approach based on your strengths.

Social Selling & Monetization

Sales is about trust, especially with high ticket and selling online. Your strengths should guide you in selling to stand out online and help you decide on the "right" online income stream package. Social selling is about meaningful connections with your audience and nurturing them from the time they interact with you until they schedule a call with you and you close and get that premium YES! It starts with you first and then training your workforce and team for consistency.

Charity to Prosperity Mindset

Over-giving and unapologetic pricing with charging more can happen when you have a clear monetization approach with boundaries people can't cross. This often requires a shift from a charity to a prosperity mindset to let your empowered vision guide the decisions you make in your business. Don't let imposter syndrome and fear drive the decisions in your business.

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Elizabeth Yang's #1 Goal


"Our goal is to help compassionately ambitious clients achieve their happy sales goals online faster with a high priority in putting people first with inclusive selling across genders, races, and cultures."

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