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Hiring What’s Next for You: Coach, Consultant, or Therapist? | Elizabeth Yang Show E18

November 29, 20232 min read

As entrepreneurs, we need the right support to up level and consistently make high value sales, whether it’s your first or next 6-figure of income. That often means planning ahead to invest in what’s next or hire who’s next to support your growth like consistently hiring a coach, consultant or therapist depending on what you’re needing and when. But how do you know who to hire or invest in next for you?

Whenever we’re faced with a new obstacle or up level in our business, we have to know what type of support we’re truly needing. 

I share the 3 types of hires that my clients and I make most often — coaches, consultants, and therapists — and I share the differences I’ve found among each of these hires and how to know which is needed to create the results you’re after. Many times you could work with a combination of these experts all at once. 

I also share stories of situations when I’ve guided business leaders in this community to seek out additional therapy versus when get coaching and/or consulting and I’ve created a guide to support you with this decision too: https://elizabethyang.biz/hirewhatsnextguide

If you’ve felt stuck where you currently are, this episode will give you the clarity you need to know what support will make the biggest difference.



I still need a coach because I'm human.

I need someone who can see my blind spots and who can also see my genius and brilliance when I'm being overly critical and harsh on myself.

I need someone like that in my corner to succeed.

Tune in for:

01:18 — Identifying the difference between needing a coach versus a therapist

03:36 — The types of mindset challenges a coach can support you to overcome

04:48 — How a consultant differs from a coach

05:55 — The situation your might be in when you need therapy support

10:20 — What your situation might look like when you need coaching support


•  Hire What’s Next Guide: https://elizabethyang.biz/hirewhatsnextguide

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