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Starting an Online Business to Support a Disability with Kari Poppleton | Elizabeth Yang Show E16

October 17, 20233 min read

An online business sounds promising with flexibility for many. But leading  your online business or expanding your brand online can bring up a lot of fear at first. 

But when Kari Poppleton was diagnosed with a disability later in life and didn’t have the same physical capabilities she previously had, an online business was an exciting opportunity that gave her hope for having a fulfilling career that could meet her needs.

She knew she could design a service and create an online business that would allow her the flexibility she needed for her well-being while giving her the opportunity to replace her disability income. 

In this episode, Kari and I discuss how she designed an online business to support her disability. She also shares how she overcame the idea that she needed to “prove she was worthy” — a fear many of us face when becoming more visible and expanding our brand online.

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“If you have a disability, you are still every bit as valuable, and the work that you do is so worthy for the companies that you're working for.

Whatever the limitation is, it doesn't matter. People just want you to be able to fulfill on what it is you promised to do.”

- Kari Poppleton

Tune in for:

02:57 — Why knowing your marketing numbers makes it easier to scale your business

05:09 — How Kari’s disability changed what she could do in her career and inspired her business

09:53 — How online business was an opportunity for Kari to replace her disability income while allowing her to work in a way that suited her physical needs

13:09 — How to get passed the idea that you need to “prove your worthy” 

18:51 — How to grow into four-figure pricing when you’re starting from scratch 

23:01 — The common mistakes that people make with their data and using it to scale their business 

29:45 — How entrepreneurship affects parenting and how we raise our children 

32:57 — Why and what to consider when hiring a professional with a disability

Mentioned in this Episode:


Kari Poppleton is a Certified Director of Operations and Certified Dashboard Designer who is passionate about helping online business owners understand their numbers so they can make data-driven decisions. From the time she started an E-Comm company over a dozen years ago - and through years of supporting six- and seven-figure entrepreneurs with streamlining and systematizing their business operations - Kari has first-hand experience with the importance of identifying a business’ key numbers and tracking them reliably.

You can download Kari’s free 5 Questions Your Data Can Answer For You guide here: 


Website: https://www.karipoppleton.com/ 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/karipoppleton/

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