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How Mai Thao Gained the Confidence to Start an Online Coaching Business and Closed Her First Client

January 11, 20243 min read

Mai Thao believes is meant for more, but she struggled to believe that she could become a coach with her own online business, using social media to create a strong, authoritative brand that could attract her dreamy clients - other working mothers and mamapreneurs - and generate leads. 

As a working single mother, Mai has been through it and deeply understands the challenges working mothers - single or in a relationship - often face with work/life balance. That’s why she feels drawn to be a life coach supporting working mothers and mamapreneuers. 

She had achieved the results for herself and helped her friends achieve their own results with work/life balance and productivity, but she didn’t believe she could use that skillset to earn a meaningful income with her own business. This lack of confidence and business know-how made it more difficult for Mai to show up consistently on social media and ask for the sale with her high ticket offer.

After working together to raise her self-worth, Mai gained an unshakable confidence and unlimited mindset in herself. She channeled her new identity, Miss Breakthrough Bombshell, to create a high ticket offer that allows her to show up consistently on social media and to be visible. She also gained the skillset to run a business and turn engagement into conversations with her dream clients by inviting them to work with her in a classy, non-sleazy way.

Tune in to hear how Mai created breakthrough after breakthrough to uplevel her self-worth and her confidence to close her first high-value client and how she plans to carry this momentum into the new year. 



“In my mind, I couldn't see myself losing anymore.

I felt like I'm winning. Whatever setbacks I have, I know I have the skills and the tools to overcome them and to get better from them.

I refuse to lose.”

— Mai Thao

Tune in for:

02:34 — Gaining the confidence to become a coach with a business online who guides others when you don’t believe you have the business skillset but you believe you’re meant for more

04:27 — The importance of uncovering the root of your mindset struggles to create a high worth breakthrough

07:54 — Creating a brand new high ticket offer and signing her very first client

08:24 — How Mai overcame her block around being visible and consistent on social media

12:09 — The biggest shifts that Mai is most proud of in how she shows up for her business


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Mai Thao is the founder of YESbarr, a single mother of three, who understood all too well that even mothers can dream and with the right support, and just a sprinkle of belief, mothers not only can be the CEO of their family, but of their own business! YESbarr is built on a foundation of trust, nurture, grace, and most of all - SUPPORT!


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