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What Is Social Selling?

Social selling is the new modern approach to relationship-building for business development and lead generation using social media to sell and build trust. Sales is about trust, especially in high-end, luxe sales. This new approach allows you to captivate your high value audience, laser-target your prospecting, and establish rapport to nurture and close with the human connection faster.


The key is accelerating trust to become your premium client's first choice.

I am Elizabeth Yang!

I'm an online business monetization strategist, trainer, keynote speaker, and advisor to start ups, brands, small businesses, and some of the world's Fortune 500 companies.

I'm on a mission to show compassionately ambitious businesses that you can skyrocket profits with a purpose-driven, premium brand and inclusive selling across genders, cultures, and races.

When you need more customer yeses, I'm the go-to #1 expert with conversational marketing that generates organic leads to nurture and close with relationship sales.

How can I help you?

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FREE Captivate to Close Masterclass

Join our free 5-day masterclass to elevate your messaging to gain clarity on your Most Valuable Paying (MVP) premium customer and learn what it takes to sell and scale a purpose-driven business online.

We're on a mission to disrupt the marketplace with more representation online. We are a high-touch boutique coaching and training agency that specializes in all things social monetization online.

Signature Offer

Learn how to position yourself with a curated social media strategy and generate leads for PREMIUM clients. We have designed this proprietary framework to help you get 10-30 more appointments a month AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.

Jane Zhdanova

CEO & Owner,

Salted Papaya Marketing Agency

"I was surprised to learn from Elizabeth Yang that my top talent #1 is Selling

. My goal is to get more clients and only I can help my business. I need to work on developing that."

Boua Lor

Executive Director & Founder,

Hmong Culture Camp

"I was able to raise over

$10,000 in 2 weeks

...and because of working with Elizabeth,

I've raised $200,000 in funding and this is just year two of my non-profit!"

Lia Yang

LLL Collection,

Dip Nail Expert

"The moment that I found my MVP, it was like the light bulb went off. You're like, "Oh my gosh. That's that's her." And knowing who she is really helped me to target my messaging."

What we love to do for you:

Get results faster with done-for-you services and expertise that saves you time. Organic lead generation for booked appointments, all-in-one software, online summit management, and course building is our core specialty.

Lead with the human connection to become the first choice. This is what captivates and attracts your ready-to-invest, premium customers with organic marketing, social selling, and charging more to create a premium brand.

Our goal is to help compassionately ambitious clients achieve their happy sales goals online faster with a high priority in putting people first with inclusive selling across genders, races, and cultures. We specialize in helping hybrid business models - that's in-person and online income streams - to generate leads, market, and social sell organically using the best of what tech's got to offer. This is working smarter for sales growth in today's online world.


Self-Pace Online Courses

Learn how to differentiate your business online with the human connection first with our human-speak foundation series. From sales fundamentals to creating your own course online, check out our online courses that you can go at your own pace.

Our Podcast

Stay on top of the best tips, resources, and conversations from Elizabeth Yang and her powerhouse community network. All things you need to power you up with sales, marketing, mindset and the latest hacks on productivity and social media. Our philosophy is simple. We grow and rise together for faster results.

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Get the latest tips and advice on organic lead generation to technology and tools that enable selling with the human connection online.

Diversification is a smarter way to do business in today's fast-paced online world. You don't have to be turned off and overwhelmed by social media and technology. This is beyond marketing. This is you building a business model that can flex to in-person services and online with your services, sales, operations, and workforce. Let the human connection be your #1 differentiator to becoming the first choice for your premium customers.

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