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How Aden Thao Is Building a Legacy as the 1st Hmong AAPI International Moto Racer | Elizabeth Yang Show E13

September 26, 20233 min read

When Aden Thao sat on a motorcycle the first time at 14 years old, he never thought he’d compete, let alone go on to become the first Hmong AAPI International Moto Racer. 

But within weeks of competing for the first time, Aden, and the motoracing community, realized he had a talent that could make him one of the best. 

At only 19 years old, Aden has experienced a rapid amount of success as a professional racer, but that’s not the most impressive thing about him.

He’s been using both his wealth and his personal brand to give back to communities and causes he cares about since the beginning of his career. 

Aden joins us in this episode to share the work he is doing in the Hmong community and around the globe. He also shares insight into how his values have helped him shape some key decisions throughout his career so far plus how he thinks about his work and mindset to push through any challenges he faces.

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“It's best to go out and show yourself to the world.

If I never started racing motorcycles, I would've never got to inspire all of these people to go out and chase their dreams.”

Aden Thao

Tune in for:

01:27 — How Aden got started in motorcycle racing

05:22 — Realizing he had a talent that could go beyond a hobby

07:14 — Why Aden turned down a 6-figure contract 

10:04 — How he’s using his wealth and personal brand to give back to communities and causes he cares about

14:19 — The role Aden’s parent’s played in shaping his view of legacy and giving back

15:53 — How to use your values to face challenging situations 

18:27 — How you can use failure to set yourself up for better success moving forward

20:41 — The strategic and mindset work Aden and his team use to prepare for races

23:28 — How you can support Aden and other diverse leaders 

25:35 — Why you need to show up online to be able to make the impact you want

Mentioned in this Episode:


Aden Nraug Hli Thao is a second-generation Hmong AAPI American. He is the the first Hmong-American to race at the professional level. He started his road racing journey late — as a 15 year old getting on a motorized bike for the first time. He never thought he would be racing professionally less than a year into his riding. 

Aden has completed 3 consecutive seasons in the highest level of motorcycle racing in the U.S. with the AMA’s MotoAmerica Superbikes Championship series. He recently was selected to race for a renowned team in Spain in 2023 — one step closer to his dream of racing in MotoGP!

Website: www.adenthaoracing.com

Social Media: https://www.facebook.com/AdenThaoRacing

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Elizabeth Yang

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